Purchase Options

There are a number of purchase options available for company cars:

Outright Purchase

Pay the full cost of the vehicle at the outset the vehicle is yours.

Contract Hire

A low risk solution that offering new vehicles without the capital outlay or the responsibilities of ownership. Contract hire offers a fixed monthly Rental which offers straight line budgeting, and is an efficient way of running a fleet with none of the risks and unpredictable costs of ownership.

Finance Lease

Suitable to companies that may wish to keep the vehicles for longer than the primary period. Also suitable for companies wishing their vehicles on balance sheet and who wish to take the residual risk once the contract ends.

Hire Purchase

Purchase your vehicles for a fixed cost per month over a set period flexible terms allow you to dictate your monthly payment dependant on deposit paid.

Contract Purchase

An effective way of funding your vehicles but minimising the risks associated with depreciation and mileage with an option to own or return or trade in.



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