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e:HEV Hybrid Range

Our vision of an emission-free world comes closer into view with every electrified car we create. Our hybrid vehicles are not only a joy to drive but also help contribute to a cleaner environment. Honda hybrid cars (HEV) is powered by an electric motor and a combustion engine, either working separately or together. Two energy sources mean lower exhaust emissions than conventional cars.

What makes our e:HEV hybrids so special?

All Honda cars with the e:HEV powertrain are self-charging, full hybrids with a battery that is fully supported by our fuel-efficient combustion engine. The two power sources work in harmony, or independently, blending seamlessly through three driving modes that are selected automatically to deliver smooth power and performance.

Intelligent and Dynamic. Our unique powertrain is intelligent and is always automatically shifting between Electric, Hybrid and Engine drive modes, according to the conditions. The ‘Electric Drive’ provides exhilarating acceleration from a standstill – just like an electric car – as our e:HEV system can use full electric power independently from the combustion engine. This mode also works at moderate speed to deliver a smooth and quiet driving experience.

Recharging and regenerative braking. At higher speeds, such as cruising on a motorway, the combustion engine will provide the power and recharge the battery. When you slow down, regenerative braking will also charge the battery from energy that would normally be wasted. All this energy can provide you with a strong boost of pure electrified acceleration when you need it – particularly useful when overtaking.

Fully Convenient. The e:HEV, full hybrid system is more convenient than a plug-in hybrid, as it eliminates the hassle of overnight charging. A PHEV has regenerative braking, but it’s not enough to fully recharge, so it will rely heavily on the combustion engine when the battery is low. Consequently, it uses more fuel to overcome the weight of the larger battery and heavy powertrain if not plugged in and charged properly.

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