Boot Tray Divider

  • Part number 08U45-3M0-600A
  • £40.00 Inc. VAT Fitted price £40.00 Inc. VAT

These boot tray dividers are the perfect addition to your boot tray, preventing your cargo from flying around and keeping it in place at all time.


Detachable tow bar with 13-pin trailer harness PHEV

  • Part number 08L92-3A0-D13P
  • £745.00 Inc. VAT Fitted price £925.00 Inc. VAT

PHEV - With this detachable tow bar system you can pull a trailer or carry your bikes on the back of your car without any issue. The detachable system allows you to remove the ball joint when not in use. Maximum towing capacity of 1500 kg and vertical load capacity of 150 kg. It comes with a 13-pin harness. Please note that installing this tow bar removes the handsfree tailgate access functionality.

Thule Roof Box 400L

Thule Roof Box 400L

  • Part number 08L20-E09-FX
  • £795.00 Inc. VAT Fitted price £795.00 Inc. VAT

Force XT M, matte black. This sturdy, waterproof box, which is Thule certified by Honda, gives you an extra 400 litres of storage space. It features the Power-Click system for easy mounting, an anti-theft lock and Dual-Side opening. Its dimensions are 175cm length, 82cm width and 45,5 cm height.



  • Part number 08R13-3VO-600
  • £144.60 Inc. VAT Fitted price £195.00 Inc. VAT

Stay cool and in the shade with these sunshades. They provide sun protection for rear passengers and are easy to mount and dismount. The kit includes: two blinds and a complimentary carry bag.

Bicycle Carrier Attachment with 13-pin harness

Bicycle Carrier Attachment with 13-pin harness

  • Part number 08L92-31A-B13P
  • £733.60 Inc. VAT Fitted price £1,000.00 Inc. VAT

This detachable bicycle carrier attachment kit offers the perfect solution if you’re planning a bicycle trip. It's designed for easy handling, complete compatibility and integration with your Honda’s electrical and safety systems. Maximum vertical load: 37 kg. This kit includes a 13-pin trailer harness. The balljoint can be removed when not in use.

Roof carrier

Roof carrier

  • Part number 08L02-TZA-600
  • £481.80 Inc. VAT Fitted price £525.00 Inc. VAT

Expand your car's carrying capacity with a secure roof base carrier. It includes 4 locks. Maximum load capacity: 30kg or a maximum of one bicycle.

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