Reap the rewards of safer driving with a Nextbase dashcam and Autumn Check for only £189

Our skilled team of fitters will expertly mount your Nextbase dashcam on your car's windscreen, ensuring optimal viewing angles.

The installation includes connecting the dashcam to your fuse box, keeping all the wires discreetly hidden.

We have a wide range of dash cams and accessories available, so feel free to contact us for guidance in selecting the right one for you.

Alongside the installation of your Nextbase dashcam, you will also benefit from a comprehensive multi-point check, which includes a wheel-alignment check, a tyre inspection, and a complimentary car wash and vacuum.

Moreover, our Autumn Check package includes a video health check, providing you with visual evidence of any areas that our team has identified as needing extra attention.

This invaluable check, combined with the professional dashcam installation, is priced at just £189. Don't miss out—book now by completing the form below to schedule a convenient appointment time for you.


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