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Tyres are essential in keeping you safe on the roads during the Summer months. Part of our Summer special check will include an inspection of your tyres overall condition, tread depth and pressure.


Battery failure can happen in the Summer months for a number of reasons. During the Summer, the atmosphere affects electrical components which place additional demands on the battery. We will carry out a battery test and give you a printed report on its condition.


Your engine’s coolant level should be checked regularly to avoid causing serious damage to your engine. The Summer months can be tough on cooling systems. It is essential to check your coolant levels. There should have the right levels of water and coolant. We will also inspect the condition of the coolant hoses and radiator system.

Wiper blades, windscreen system and screen wash levels

We check that your wipers are wiping away dirt and not leaving streaks behind. Part of our free safety check includes inspecting your wiper blades to ensure they are free of splits and damage. We also check the operation of your windscreen wash system and top up your screen wash.

Light Bulbs

Ensuring your vehicle’s lights are working correctly is critical for your own safety and other road users as it allows you to be able to see and help others to see you. Having a faulty or damaged bulb is illegal so make sure you check these on a regular basis.

Wheel Alignment

Ensuring your vehicle’s alignment is within specification is key to a perfect drive. It has many benefits from increasing the life of your tyres, increases fuel efficiency and fix steering issues. Incorrect alignment can have a negative effect on the handling and safety of your vehicle. Problems can arise with your alignment from hitting a kerb, driving into a pothole or failure of a suspension component. We will carry out an inspection and give you a detailed report on your alignment with our Summer health check.

In addition to these checks we will check your suspension, exhaust system, the brake system, all fluid levels, visible drivebelts, test the air conditioning system and wash and hoover your car..


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