Škoda owners are likely smarter than drivers of any other car brand

Škoda owners are likely smarter than drivers of any other car brand

A study carried out by experts tasked more than 2,000 motorists with an IQ test, to gauge their levels of intelligence.

New research by Scrap Car Comparison has revealed that Skoda drivers are most likely to have the highest levels of intelligence, alongside those that own white cars and don’t have a personalised number plate.

The study tasked 2,000 drivers of varying car makes and models to complete a standard IQ test, to help define their level of intellect.

The results were then averaged out depending on the car driven, colour and other factors such as whether or not the respondent owned personalised number plates.

Used for over one hundred years to provide a barometer of how smart a person is, Škoda drivers emerged as having the highest IQ of anyone out on the roads, with an average IQ score of 99.

In keeping with Škoda stereotypes of practical owners and sensible driving, the 99 IQ score ranked a whole six points above the average IQ of all the drivers surveyed (93.70) and marginally above second-placed Suzuki owners (98.09) and those that drive a Peugeot (97.79) in third position.


Land Rover drivers take the unfortunate crown of having the lowest IQ of the 22 car brands included in the study, with an average IQ score of 88.58.

The Land Rover owners are joined at the lower end of the scale by those that own a BMW (average IQ of 91.68) or Fiat (90.14).

In addition to studying car brands, the Scrap Car Comparison team also analysed whether the car colour, or even the style of number plate motorists go for could also have a bearing on their intelligence.

The results were as conclusive as those for the manufacturers, clearly showing that those who own a white (average IQ of 95.71) or grey (94.97) car are likely to have a higher IQ than those that opt for less monochrome choices.

In particular, owners of green cars scored unfavourably on the IQ test, with an average IQ of 88.43.

But while driving a white Škoda might be the hallmark of a brilliant mind, the results also outlined personalised number plates as another defining factor when it comes to intelligence.

A love or hate choice for many, the study shows that those who don’t choose to spend their money on number plate personalisation generally have a higher IQ (94.15) than those that do (91.95).

Dan Gick, managing director of Scrap Car Comparison, said: “For us, being smart behind the wheel boils down to one thing – keeping yourself and other drivers safe, and not making decisions that would put anyone in danger.

"Saying that, it’s always interesting to us to delve a little deeper into the differences in characteristics of drivers out on the roads, and so it has been fascinating to learn that there is truth to the perception of Škoda drivers being particularly sensible.

"It’s worth remembering though, that other studies have shown that an average IQ can sit anywhere between a score of 85 and 115, so drivers should not feel ashamed of where they sit in our rankings.

"The main thing is to be a smart and sensible driver - no matter what car you own.”

The news comes after another research revealed that Londoners believe they are the UK's best drivers.

Last year, Londoners claimed they are the best drivers in the UK - believing they are the most careful in bad weather and in built-up areas.

In a poll of 2,000 motorists private hire, food delivery, public transport, and other "everyday" drivers were scored on their driving technique and experience, to determine which region thinks they are the safest drivers.

Categories included their tendency to speed, accidents for which they felt they were to blame, and how often they check their mirrors.

And motorists residing in the capital came top overall – believing they drive most safely near schools, take corners most smoothly, and, on average, rarely make a claim on their insurance.