It’s YOUR car – YOU choose who repairs it!

Henrys have an exceptional reputation in looking after customers. We delight in offering our customers a complete package from the initial sale to service/maintenance right through to any repair/paint you may require for your vehicle.

Henrys Body Repair Centre offers a hassle-free accident management service. With our manufacturer trained technicians, you can be sure of high quality work using genuine components and repair methods that won’t affect your vehicle construction or warranty.

We will deal with any insurance company on your behalf. Be warned – some insurance companies insist you have to take your car to one of their approved companies for accident repairs. It is your legal right to have your car repaired at your choice of repair centre. It is in our interest to ensure that any repairs we carry out are in line with the strict standards set by the manufacturer.

Damage Repair

Henrys Body Repair Centre carries out repairs of the highest standard. From scuffs, scratches, dents, paint chips, upholstery, dashboard and much more, we can get your vehicle looking new again.

Call our Body Repair Centre on 0141 433 9000 for further details and obtain a free quotation.

Scratch/Scuff Repair From £65*
Stonechip Repair From £65*
Dent Removal From £55*
Windscreen Chips From £40*
Trim Repair From £55*
Machine Polishing From £85*

Accident Repair

At Henrys Body Repair Centre, we have our own established and well proven Accident Aftercare Program in place for you to use and it’s totally free of charge. Our 24 hour helpline is available to help you deal with issues arising from a car accident whether it is advice on making a claim or technical issues about the damage.

Here are some of the benefits you receive in becoming a member of our Accident Aftercare at Henrys Body Repair Centre:

  • 24 hour helpline call: 0808 13 100 11
  • Free claims advice
  • Insurance Approved Quotations with digital images
  • Free legal advice
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Free lifetime membership including family & friends
  • Free membership card

Make us your 1st phone call:
Day Time Hours - Call 0141 413 4131
Out of Hours - Call 0808 13 10011


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