We've spoken to customers the length and breadth of the UK and that's why when you hire a car from Rent-a-Car...

There's a Clear Price, with no hidden extras

We've all been there, it looks cheap online but by the time you've had all the extra and surcharges added into the cost of your rental it isn't such good value for money anymore. That's why we put the true cost upfront, the price you see is the price you pay, as simple as that - no hidden charges , no unexplained extras.

You get the vehicle you actually booked

Chose from our range of brand new ŠKODA cars and our aim is to give you the vehicle that booked every time. All these shiny new vehicles can be collected from our showrooms, no more collecting vehicles from port-a-cabins in windswept car parks, just visit your local showroom, grab yourself a coffee and have our dedicated rental experts organise your vehicle for you.

You get low excess as standard

We've cut through the confusing world of insurance excess, no baffling jargon or fear mongering in order to get you to upgrade when you collect, instead our online price includes a low standard excess. Simple! And if you want, you can opt for an even lower excess by choosing our enhanced damage waiver.

We will never try to force you to buy extras

Many traditional vehicle rental companies incentivise their staff by offering commission on those annoying little extras that you have to add on when you come to collect your vehicle, we don't.

Right vehicle

Get the car you book

Clear price

Includes insurance and breakdown cover

Right location

High quality retailer locations

Easy process

Online booking Paperless check-in and out

Our Models

Skoda fabia

1 Day Rental From £43.00
3 Day Rental From £93.90

Skoda Kamiq

1 Day Rental From £46.00
3 Day Rental From £100.20

Skoda Karoq

1 Day Rental From £52.00
3 Day Rental From £112.80

Skoda Kodiaq

ŠKODA Kodiaq
1 Day Rental From £58.00
3 Day Rental From £125.40

Octavia Hatch

ŠKODA Octavia
1 Day Rental From £46.00
3 Day Rental From £100.20


1 Day Rental From £46.00
3 Day Rental From £100.20

Skoda Superb

ŠKODA Superb
1 Day Rental From £52.00
3 Day Rental From £119.10

ŠKODA 1 day rental from 3 day rental from
  Off Peak Price Peak Price Off Peak Price Peak Price
Fabia (Manual) £43.00 £87.01 £93.90 £179.10
Fabia (Automatic) £46.00 £94.00 £100.20 £193.80
Kamiq (Manual) £46.00 £94.00 £100.20 £193.80
Kamiq (Automatic) £49.00 £101.00 £106.50 £208.50
Karoq (Manual) £52.00 £108.01 £112.80 £223.20
Karoq (Automatic) £55.00 £115.00 £119.10 £237.90
Kodiaq (Manual) £58.00 £122.00 £125.40 £252.60
Kodiaq (Automatic) £61.00 £129.01 £131.70 £267.30
Octavia (Manual) £46.00 £94.00 £100.20 £193.80
Octavia (Automatic) £49.00 £101.00 £106.50 £208.50
Octavia (Estate) £49.00 £101.00 £106.50 £208.50
Octavia (Estate Automatic) £52.00 £108.01 £112.80 £223.20
Scala (Manual) £46.00 £94.00 £100.20 £193.80
Scala (Automatic) £49.60 £102.40 £107.76 £211.44
Superb (Automatic) £52.00 £115.00 £119.10 £237.90
Superb (Estate Automatic) £58.00 £122.00 £125.40 £252.60

We have a dedicated Rentals Manager based in our showroom ready to assist you with your rental experience.
Call us today on 0141 278 6411, enquire by email at rental@henrys-cars.com or click below to check availability and book your rental car online.

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