Cambelt Replacement

SKODA UK recommends that all timing belts are replaced at 5-year intervals. If your car has not had its timing belt replaced at the correct interval this could cause a costly repair.

A cambelt failure can have a detrimental impact to other components of your car; from causing engine damage to issues with your cylinder head

Here at Henrys SKODA we have manufacturer trained who can carry out this work and help you to avoid costly damage and repair.

The approximate cost of a cambelt replacement is from £500 plus vat, please call today for a quotation and to make your booking.

Our technicians only ever use genuine SKODA parts and they’re specially trained to know your car inside out. We also provide you with 2 years warranty on all parts that we supply and fit – so you can be sure your car is in good hands. With us, you’ll get an experienced team a friendly and flexible service with a human touch, honest communication and no confusing jargon! That’s what we’ve signed up to as part of the SKODA Customer Promise.


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