At Škoda we’ve fixed the prices of all our servicing and maintenance jobs, making it super simple to get superior Škoda servicing (try saying that quickly). All this for a budget-busting, easy-peasy price. It’s like having your cake and eating it.


The MOT is an annual test of your Škoda's safety, roadworthiness and its exhaust emissions. Available only on UK mainland.
All models £54.85


Whether you choose a major service, interim service or an MOT, you can rest assured that the job will be carried out by a factory trained technician who cares about the detail. And when it comes to that all important detail called the price, there’s no nasty surprises.

Please note ― If your car requires brake fluid as part of a service, it will be charged for separately.

Inspection & Oil Change - From £195 ( Every 30k/3yr)

Additional service items to be charged at specific intervals

  • Oil and inspection service with Extended scope – From £255 every 3yr/30k
  • Oil and inspection plus Pollen filter – From £235 every 4yr/40K
  • Spark Plugs ( Petrol Engine) – £115
  • Air filter every 6yr/60K
  • Diesel Fuel Filter every 6yr/60K


From a brake pad change to an aircon service, all of our maintenance offers are completed by factory trained technicians who know Škoda cars inside out. What you might call walking-talking Škoda encyclopedias. However, the bill won’t be difficult to understand. The price you see is the price you’ll pay.


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