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As you might be aware from stories in the news, a worldwide shortage of microchips has hampered the production of new cars across the industry. Every car manufacturer has been affected and as part of the Skoda network we are no different. This has meant lead-times for ordering new cars are longer.

This means that your existing PCP agreement may end before your next new car is ready.

Normally this would leave you having to return the car or paying the final balloon payment to keep it.

Henrys SKODA have the ideal solution. No matter the make and model of your current car, as long as it isn’t over 6 years old at the end of your existing agreement, you can apply for a Short-Term Solutions PCP. This will allow you to bridge that gap and ensure that you remain with your existing vehicle until the day you collect your new one. All you have to do is order a new SKODA from us and we’ll take care of the rest.

This short-term PCP is available with 4.9% APR Representative and is a fixed contract for 12-months. However, if your new vehicle is ready before then we can settle this agreement leaving you free to drive away in your brand-new SKODA.

If you think PCP product might be the solution for you please contact us to discuss. Call our team on 0141 552 9000 or use the contact form below

**Find out more with our handy guide to Short Term PCP funding.


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