No matter the make or model or car, let Henrys Suzuki look after your Service and MOT requirements for a combined price of only £172

We can also provide collection and delivery of your vehicle in a 12-mile radius of the dealership. If you live outside of this area and would like collection and delivery, please speak with us. We may well have a member of staff in your area that can accommodate.

Contact us today on 0141 648 6288 or use the enquiry form below.

What does "ALL MAKES & MODELS" mean?

Exactly that. We can service all makes and models, regardless of age.

Is the service light reset and service book stamped?

Yes it is, the service light is reset and the service book is stamped to show it has been carried out at a main dealer.

What parts, oils and fluids do you use?

Quite simply the correct parts for your car are used. Including branded OEM parts, the correct oils and fluids for your vehicle to ensure that your car continues to run as it should.

Why are your prices less than at my dealer?

We price our servicing competitively and fairly but not compromising on quality.

Is the work on my car guaranteed?

All of our service work and parts are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,500 miles, regardless of the brand of vehicle.

What type of service does my car need?

Our trained and experienced Service Advisors will work out what service your car will need. Our most popular service packages are either a 12 Service (Engine oil & Filter Change) or a 12+ Service (Engine oil, Oil filter, Brake fluid, Air Filter and Pollen filter). But if there is anything else you want, e.g. Fuel filter and spark plugs, just ask.

What if my car just needs an MOT test?

No problem. We can MOT all makes and models of car. We can carry out an MOT in just over an hour using our new in-house MOT equipment.


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