If your Suzuki is under 15 years old – and you have had a service or MOT that’s been carried out by a Suzuki Service Centre* – we can offer you a free year’s breakdown cover from AA Suzuki Assistance LITE.

AA Suzuki Assistance LITE is provided by Suzuki in conjunction with the AA, which is the UK's largest roadside assistance and car breakdown cover organisation. Your free policy gives you a year’s cover that includes:

Roadside Assistance, if your vehicle is involved in an incident that takes place a quarter of a mile or more from your home.

Home Start Assistance at your home address, or within a quarter of a mile from your home.

A Local Tow of up to 10 miles to your nearest Suzuki Dealer.

*Participating Suzuki Service Centres

Upgrade your cover

If you want more from your AA Suzuki Assistance LITE, you can add even more cover.

So, for example, paying an extra £49.99 adds roadside recovery from anywhere in the UK; onward travel (including a hire car); help if you misfuel your car, or run out of fuel*; cover in case you lock your keys in your vehicle*; and help with wheel and tyre changes and punctures*.

You can also choose to pay £69.99, for which you receive all the benefits listed above, plus full European cover.

If you want to upgrade your AA Suzuki Assistance LITE cover, just call 0800 072 3853.

*AA terms and conditions apply. Please speak to your AA advisor when upgrading.


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