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As recognition for the work you do, Suzuki offers exclusive discounts to Public Sector workers, including MOD employees across a range of vehicles*. Please contact Henrys if you are employed by the government in any of the following areas:

*Discount is offered to all employees of the government and excludes contractors or private suppliers to the government. The discount is not extended to family members, suppliers or sub-contractors. Proof of eligibility is required.


Discounts are available for all employees of the National Health Service, except sub-contractors. Nurses, Doctors, Administrative staff and Midwives are among those eligible.

At Suzuki, we appreciate the long shifts and anti-social hours NHS staff have to endure and we think our range of cars is the perfect choice because we are world renowned for our durability, ranking as one of the most reliable car manufacturers.

Emergency Services

As our little way of saying thanks, we offer a discount to the brave and dedicated people who protect, rescue and treat the general public daily, often risking their own lives on a daily basis.

Police, Fire Service and Ambulance crew are all eligible for a discount across the range of Suzuki cars. Contact Henrys for more information.


We are proud to honour teachers for their hard work and tireless devotion. Teaching lessons in classrooms is just one element of the job - there's also the endless marking and lesson planning, plus extra-curricular activities.

There are discounts across the range of Suzuki cars for teachers – contact Henrys for more information.

Civil Service

As small thank you for everything they do, we offer employees of the civil service a discount for their work in supporting the government in delivering policies and public services.

There are discounts across the range of Suzuki cars – contact Henrys for more information.

Local Government

We offer discounts to employees at more than 400 local authorities in the UK, ranging from large metropolitan councils and London boroughs to county councils and small rural authorities. There are around 600 occupations and thousands of different job titles in local government, working across different areas including education, environmental health, leisure, housing and social services – all making a difference in their communities.


The Ministry of Defence is essential, protecting the security, independence and interests of our country at home and abroad.

Our armed forces immediately spring to mind, but thousands of other civilian personnel are also employed. As a thank you for the work of our brave servicemen and women, plus support staff, we offer discount across the range of Suzuki cars. Contact Henrys for more information.


We offer exclusive discounts to a range of organisations, which we’ve listed here. If you’re a member of one of them please contact Henrys to find out how much you could save:

  • BASC
  • National Farmers Union
  • Mole Valley Farmers
  • Motorfinity
  • Caravan Club
  • Foxy Lady Drivers Club
  • Forces Cars Direct

Please contact Henrys for more information on 0141 649 6000 or email info@henrys-cars.com